Time in a can

Bob Fosbury (Germany)


Robert (Bob) Fosbury is an astronomer working for the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of ESA’s collaboration with NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) project at ST-ECF. Based at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) near Munich in Germany, Fosbury joined this initiative in 1985, more than 5 years before launch. During the latter part of this period, Bob served on NASA’s Ad Hoc Science Working Group and ESA’s Study Science Team as they developed the instrument concepts for the James Webb Space Telescope, the next generation space observatory. Bob is currently chairman of the ESO Astronomy Faculty, the largest group of professional astronomers in Europe (and Chile), and is active in the close liaison between the ESO and ESA science programmes. He has sustained a lifelong interest in the study of natural phenomena of all kinds and is particularly interested in atmospheric optics and the origin of natural colour. More on Wikipedia.

Bob Fosbury´s gallery on Flickr


We got in contact through Flicker around 2009 when he commented on some solargraphs taken together with the astronomers working in Calar Alto, Almería. He had also been collaborating with Tarja Trygg for several years. We really enjoyed his texts on photography and his solarigraphs. Always technically perfect, he really understands light, time and space. He was really engaged from the very start and we are proud to have him in the team.

Calar Alto Telescope South view. Six months exposure between solstices 2008. Diego López Calvín


Bob sent us five great negatives inside an ESO magazine to our Estudio Redondo in Madrid. He documented the placement of the Time in a Can cameras as follow:

Here you can see Google´s view of the location.


He sent us the un-scanned Time in a Can negatives well protected and comfortably covered by this sealed magazine.


View Bob´s Time in a can solargraphy

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